Internet connects the world, and big data drives reform.
Hangzhou is a "Chinese example" of the innovative,dynamic,interactive and inclusive development of the world economy. The city is the first cross-border e-com-merce comprehensive pilot area in China and the world. To promote the free, convenient and standardized devel-opment of cross-border e-commerce, the Hangzhou comprehensive pilot area will launch a special program named A Galaxy of Innovative Service Projects to select 100 innovative cross-border e-commerce projects around the world, build 100 service teams, provide service for thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hangzhou and cover millions of enterprises around the world to form a new ecosphere of global online trade.
E-commerce embraces the world. A new era of online trade has arrived, and the best way of embracing the future is creating the future. We will face the world with an open and inclusive attitude, and establish an international online trade innovation center, a service center and a big data center with global influence by project selection, service implementation and data connection to construct Hangzhou as an important strategic hub and international online trade center on the Online Silk Road.
1. Projects of government affairs service innovation
Innovative service measures for handling government affairs, such as customs clearance, inspection, foreign exchange settlement and sale, tax administration and market supervision, to promote the free, convenient and standardized development of cross-border e-commerce.
2. Projects of platform service innovation
Innovative projects serving the B2C, B2B and other forms of import and export trade of cross-border e-commerce and trade platforms.
3. Projects of channel service innovation
Investment and financing service products serving cross-border e-commerce enterprises; innovative financial products for foreign exchange payments and receipts that makes cross-border e-commerce more convenient and low-cost; products developed for the intelligent storage, delivery and system of cross-border e-commerce; innovative projects for integrated foreign trade service platforms.
4. Projects of technical and data service innovation
Technology-driven innovation serving the development of cross-border e-commerce, such as artificial intelligence, intelligent search and system development; data services including data mining, data processing, data customization and trend analysis.
5. Projects of other supportive service
innovation Supportive projects serving the development of cross-border e-commerce, such as talent cultivation, business incubation, operation by a third partner, brand building and protection of consumer rights; commercial insurances serving cross-border e-commerce platforms, enterprises and products; services for legal arbitration of cross-border e-commerce trade disputes and intellectual property protection, international business law andinternational tax planning services; strategy consultation projects serving the development of cross-border e-commerce enterprises; service projects for international quality standard certification in cross-border e-commerce; commercial innovative services like international conferences, sales exhibitions and promotion.he Online Silk Road.
1. The project shall conform to the laws and regulations of China and the location of the project as well as relevant rules of international administrative licensing items. The project shall meet the requirements for the development of cross-border e-commerce, and it shall be innovative in service and operation model and promote employment.
2. The project should be oriented to the needs of cross-border e-commerce enterprises and capable of promoting the development of enterprises and the industry.
3. The project should have innovation, potential to grow, and capabilityto lead others.
4. The project team should have a strong sense of innovation as well as the ability of market development and cooperation. Priority will be given to projects which are willing to cooperate with enterprises in the Hangzhou comprehensive pilot area or want to settle in the comprehensive pilot area.
5. The project team or members shall have lawful intellectual property of the project, and authorize the organizer to use the intellectual property for free and non-exclusively when promoting the applied project. In the case of unclarified or false intellectual property, or complaint caused by such problems, the team concerned will be suspended from participating in the program and shall bear all legal responsibilities consequent upon such acts.
1. Organizer
The Construction Leading Group Office of China (Hang­zhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area
2. Schedule
Time for application: Apr. 21,2017 to May 31,2017
Time for project practice: Apr. 28, 2017 to Oct. 31,2017
Time for project evaluation: Nov. 1,2017 to Nov. 16, 2017
3. Rights and interests
(1) High rewards
The comprehensive pilot area will reward qualified innova­tive cross-border e-commerce projects.
(2) Services for project implementation
The comprehensive pilot area will establish an expert group for project reviews; match the services provided by the projects with suitable enterprises, build"one for one" offline service teams : and promote the implementation of services by holding new conferences, forums and salons for innova­tive projects; enhance cooperation with offline parks and recommend suitable parks for enterprises settle in; launch online service platforms and set up online service channels for innovative projects.
(3) Services for investment and financing
The comprehensive pilot area will cooperate with leading domestic investment institutions and banks to provide invest­ment and financing services for applied projects.
4. The Construction Leading Group Office of China (Hang­zhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Areareserves all the rights for the final explanation.

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